• Forcefield 8.01 update

Forcefield 8.01 update

Aritech is pleased to announce the availability of Forcefield 8.0.1, build 3. This release offers a number of new features and improvements. Customers may upgrade to Forcefield 8.0.1 directly from the following previous versions: 

  • FF 8.0.0 B37 
  • FF 7.2.2 B54 
  • FF 7.2.1 B30 
  • FF 7.2.0 B53 
Resolved issues in 8.0.1 

  • Resolved an issue with UDP and TCP panel connection types which incorrectly report timeout and offline messages after a period of idle communication
  • Fixed Area control from the Access Functions setup screen.
  • Fixed issue to control clusters of doors
  • Fixed issue preventing users from being sent to the panel when performing a download all
New features in Forcefield 8 
  • Support for ChallengerPlus panels 
  • Support for TS1066 Network Access Controller 
  • TS0866/67 to TS1066 conversion 
  • Upgrade to ChallengerPlus directly from Challenger V8 and Challenger10 
  • Up to 5 licenses may now be added to users for validation and expiration 

Improvements in Forcefield 8 

  • User card data increased to 64 bits 
  • Maximum number of members increased to 1022 
  • Workstation logout moved from menu to speedbar 
  • Panel uploads have option to clear panel records before uploading 
To view the full list of additional features and improvements, please refer to the release notes.

Download the Market Release Notice