• Titan 3.5.1, Build 31 is now available

Titan 3.5.1, Build 31 is now available

This latest version will allow you to download and install the software as many times as you like without the hassle of registration. This allows both new sites as well as existing sites upgrading to this latest version to use the Titan software free of charge with no registration required. 

New features 

  • Registration is no longer required and has been removed 


  • System maintenance utility now lists export types as “Titan” and “TitanCT/CTPlus” 

Resolved Issues 

  • Build 31 Resolves an issue where the V8 input numbering option was not exported correctly 
  • Resolved issue where PIN only users may not be exported correctly if they had card data which was all zeroes 
  • Resolved issue where card data was not included in an export when type was set to raw card data 
  • Improved feedback when errors are present prior to an export, eg when lift doors are missing 
  • Resolved issue where V8 cards were previously included in an export in the CTPlus format 
For the complete list of new features and enhancements, please refer to the release notes.

Download the Market Release Notice