• TecomPlus Mobile Update

TecomPlus Mobile Update

Aritech is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the next version of the TecomPlus mobile app, featuring support for ChallengerPlus systems fitted with a TS1084 IUM, NAC door overrides, and other improvements.

New features:

  • Door Override for NAC doors (auto lock / unlock schedule)
  • IUM users now supported (will appear as user numbers instead of names)


  • Arm all / Disarm all
  • Sort user list by user number
  • Input status indicator when unsealed (orange)
  • Optimisations to history event retrieval
  • Improved button responsiveness when tapped
  • Alarm group list is now restricted to only show user-selectable alarm groups

Resolved Issues:

  • Added new card formats “Verex 36 bit” and “Verex 40 bit”
  • Corrected error when calculating card data for “HID ISCS 38 bit” format
  • Resolved DVR connectivity issues with iOS
  • Keyboard on iOS should now close automatically when exiting search
  • Fixed app crashing when using a site code with leading zeroes
  • Resolved an issue where attempting to connect to Challenger10 firmware would not present an error
For a full list of new features and improvements, download the market release notice below.

Download the Market Release Notice