• CTPlus Update 2.6

CTPlus Update 2.6

New Features
  • Support for NAC lifts (requires NAC firmware V10-01 or higher)
  • New Input Type 63 Entry/Exit alarm (Secure alarm by timezone 41) may now be configured in CTPlus (Requires compatible Challenger panel firmware)
  • Database location may now be specified during the install process (for new installs or new databases only)
  • ChallengerLE panel record can now be converted to a ChallengerLEPlus record separate to the firmware update
  • Help file improvements
Resolved Issues
  • Resolved issue where a send all users to panel command may not complete successfully
  • Time zones are now stored correctly when no days are selected
  • Time zone name is now deleted from panel when time zone record is deleted
  • Access denied messages now show user details
  • TS1001 Touchscreen RAS can now be upgraded on BUS 2
  • Resolved issue with database restore restoring to the wrong directory
  • NAC diagnostics window no longer truncated when connected via USB
  • Resolved issue when importing multi-panel systems
  • Door/lift wizard now works correctly for 4-door NACs
  • Improved support for UltraSync notifications
  • User form now stays at the current user when saving the record
  • Alarm selections no longer revert to defaults after upgrade
  • Alarm selections list updated to reflect only events which are capable of generating alarms
  • Alarm monitor now refreshes more reliably when open
  • Communications to panel will no longer be interrupted when the computer name is changed
  • Resolved issue when importing systems with a large number of users
  • Resolved incorrect commands being sent during a send all programming operation
  • Resolved issue where certain alarms had the wrong text colour, making them difficult to read
  • Preferred camera field is no longer incorrectly visible on forms where a Challenger10 panel is selected
  • Resolved issue where DGPs could not be added to a NAC in certain conditions
  • Deleting a RAS or DGP will now also delete any linked door/lift records
  • Resolved issue where users may continue to be retrieved from the panel even after deleting the command queue event
  • Improved password verification when changing password for active CTPlus operator
  • Creating a new time zone now lets you set a name prior to saving the record
  • Resolved crash condition that could occur when viewing history events
  • Various stability improvements 
For a full list of new features and improvements, download the market release notice below.

Download the Market Release Notice