• WMS Update 2.2

WMS Update 2.2

WMS is a web-based system that allows the operator to generate reports, control devices and manage users from Challenger10 and ChallengerPlus panels. This version includes the following improvements:

New features
  • Support NAC 8 door mode for control/status.
  • Support Lifts support (NAC TS1066/1067/V8 Lift Controller/Standard) via GUI and REST API. Supports Control/Status query of Floors.
  • Support new REST API input parameters to allow queries based on Panel Name and Serial Number.
  • Enable modifying Panel Name/Serial Number via REST API.
  • New REST API calls added to retrieve comms path configuration from panels.
  • Support for Network Trace, Application configuration parameters like URL and log level tuning from GUI for diagnostics.

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed an issue where panel path status shows duplicate paths.
  • Fixed an issue where REST API shows an error when inputs names have symbols.
  • Fixed an issue where websocket client uses old information when updated through REST API.
  • Fixed an issue where “All Offline” account code in the GUI is not used.
  • Fixed an issue where Operator form would intermittently not save changes.
  • Fixed an issue where Database size report would not show number of events purged.
  • Miscellaneous API improvements.

Known issues
  • High memory usage when WMS is configured a certain way.
For a full list of new features and improvements, download the market release notice below.

Download the Market Release Notice