Analogue Data Gathering Panel

Product Code: TS1020


TS1020 Analogue Data Gathering Panels (DGPs) are used to expand the number of inputs and outputs (or relays) on the Challenger system. It brings brand new features to Challenger10 systems, and is backwards compatible with Challenger V8 systems.

The Challenger system uses end-of-line (EOL) resistors on input circuits to monitor the condition of alarm input devices. In a Challenger V8 system, only one value of EOL resistor could be used. When used on a Challenger10 panel, a TS1020 DGP can be used with a variety of EOL resistor values. This flexibility can greatly reduce the cost of upgrading an existing intrusion-detection system to a Challenger10 system. Also, the TS1020 DGP can measure and display (on an LCD keypad) the resistance values of its input circuits to assist in fault finding or commissioning a site.

  • Various end-of-line resistor values supported
  • The resistance values of inputs connected to the TS1020 can be displayed via LCD keypad
  • Siren output can be used as general purpose output
  • Input reset timer
  • Intelligent onboard power supply allows the DGPs power usage and battery charging to be checked via LCD keypad