ChallengerPlus control panel (board only)

Product Code: TS-CHPLUSB


About ChallengerPlus

ChallengerPlus is an advanced security solution designed for commercial and corporate sectors and is the perfect solution for the security requirements of banks, retail outlets, educational facilities and more. ChallengerPlus is a modular system which can be scaled for almost any application, from small to large commercial installations. With thousands of programmable options, ChallengerPlus has been designed to meet any security and access requirement and can be tailored to your own security policies.

Designed and built with the latest technology for superior access control and integrated networking, ChallengerPlus is the result of significant research and development, built on the successful foundations of Challenger10, Challenger V8 and all of their peripherals.

TecomPlus mobile app

TecomPlus, using UltraSync provides a secure way to communicate with your security system. With a secure, encrypted cloud connection via UltraSync, this modern interface allows you to open doors, arm/disarm areas, isolate inputs or control lighting at the touch of a button. 

Setup is a breeze, with an improved connection between your security panel and mobile device thanks to UltraSync. 

Download the app today on your favourite device

  • UltraSync comptible
  • On-board Ethernet, USB, PSTN and RS-232
  • iOS and Android mobile apps for simple and convenient operation
  • High level integration to building automation to improve energy efficiency in buildings
  • Full text descriptions of panel items (e.g. users, inputs, areas, doors, etc.) are stored in the panel
  • Backup and restore panel configuration using on-board SD card slot • Fully backwards compatible with Challenger10 and Challenger V8 peripherals
  • Remote flash firmware upgradeable
  • Automated input testing and enforcement of procedures to minimise maintenance costs and ensure compliance
  • Highly scalable. Start small then expand your system as your organisation grows
  • Fully flexible communications with options for simultaneous and redundant reporting to monitoring stations, management software and third-party systems
  • Support for multiple end-of-line (EOL) resistor values for economical

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