Expanded Memory and IUM Module, 8 MB

Product Code: TS0884


Challenger memory expanders are used to expand the number of PINs or cardholders (users) in the system as well as the card format. Memory expansion chips are available in 1MB, 4MB, and 8MB.

The TS0882, TS0883 and TS0884 memory expansion devices are fitted on Challenger control panels and door or lift controllers. All devices that support memory expansion must have the same unit fitted.

The TS0883 and TS0884 have the intrinsic functionality of being an Intelligent User Module (IUM) that enable a Challenger system to handle multiple card formats and protocols simultaneously. Unknown card formats can be added to the system as raw card data and assigned to users with ease.

  • Increases the total number of PIN or card users on the system
  • Allows card formats up to 48 bit
  • Adds to the number of door or floor groups, holidays, and access/alarm events on a system