Motion sensor PIR

Product Code: DD669


The DD669 is a dual technology ceiling mount motion sensor. Its 18 curtains offer maximum detection including full undercrawl detection capability throughout a protected area of up to 20m in diameter. The unique mirror optics technology is a step and gliding focus, which creates continuous curtains that never loses track of the intruder.

The DD669 features '4D signal processing' which makes an effective discrimination between intruder and false alarm signals. Recognising the diversity in security applications, the DD669 also features Bi-curtain processing for harsher environments. The combination of mirror optics with 4D signal processing not only provides better detection but also increased stability and rejection of false alarms.

The DD669 sensors incorporate a unique radar technology that is range controlled and operates on 5.8GHz frequency. The range control means that no nuisance alarms are generated for movements beyond the detection pattern.

The DD669 motion sensors can be flush mounted with the optional accessory 360FM. The 360FM ensures a neat integration in the ceiling, making only the top part of the sensor visible.

  • Dual motion sensor
  • Step & Gliding Focus Multi Curtain mirror optic
  • Range controlled radar on S-band
  • Plug-in electronics
  • Sealed optics
  • 4D processing for reduced nuisance alarms
  • Selectable coverage pattern using mirror masks
  • Additional bi-curtain processing for harsh environment
  • No adjustment required for different mounting heights