Dual Technology Sensor, 12m

Product Code: DD105


The DD100 Series are dual technology detectors. They utilise the features of all Interlogixs Aritech PIR's, including sealed Gliding Focus Mirrors, high quality microwave technology, and the latest 4D signal processing. Twin Opposed Antennae ensure a better signal to noise ratio and better microwave direction.

Benefiting from the success of the EV series PIR's, the DD 100 also features solid curtains of detection. Full undercrawl protection gives maximum security while the special characteristics of the 'gliding curtain' ensure not only better intruder detection but also better PIR stability from the environment.

The DD100 features Distance of Motion (DoM) Processing. This proprietary microwave processing converts the analogue signal into a digital one where the custom ASIC can effectively measure the distance travelled by the intruder, irrespective of the intruders speed or distance from the detector. This gives a significantly more uniform microwave signal over the entire protected area.

The DD100 series is able to adjust both PIR and Microwave channels. Its Gliding Focus Curtain Mirror can accommodate smaller rooms, in both the PIR and Microwave channels, making the detector even more stable, without compromising it's excellent detection.
4D signal processing is the latest generation of PIR processing. 4D processing allows the PIR channel to intelligently analyse a signal pattern and distinguish between real human movement and false alarm hazards. The PIR channel in its own right is resistant to false alarms by analysing the size, shape and speed of successive signals. The end result is products with sharp detection and excellent false alarm immunity.

  • PIR verified by microwave module
  • 'Step & Gliding Focus Multi Cutain' mirror optic
  • Plug-in electronics
  • Sealed optics
  • ASIC with '4D' processing
  • Distance of Motion microwave signal processing
  • Selectable range with full undercrawl detection
  • No adjustment required for different mounting heights
  • Tolerates wall angle deviation