Intelligent 4-Door Controller, firmware

Product Code: TS0867S


Firmware for the TS0867

About the Four-Door Controller

The Intelligent Four-Door Controller extends the Challenger system's capability to provide state-of-the-art access control functionality. Each Intelligent Four-Door Controller provides intelligent access control for up to four doors including both entry and exit readers. Access control operations like badging a card or entering a PIN can be programmed to function only during specified times of the day. 'Forced Door' and 'Door Open Too Long' alarm can identify a security breach to the access control system and trigger a remote alarm and/or a local alarm.

Anti-passback tracks user movements in or out from defined regions, reducing the incidence of user tailgating and card sharing that could undermine the integrity of the system.
Extensive programming features can be used to program a sequence of unique events for a desired outcome (macro logic). Access control doors can be interlocked. The operation of one door can disable the operation of another door for high security.

  • Real-time alarm and access control on four doors
  • Supports card formats of up to 48 bits
  • Onboard database for offline condition
  • Up to 12 Intelligent Access Controllers can add 48 access control doors to a Challenger panel's 16 doors
  • Antipassback
  • Request-to-exit support for each door
  • User counter, interlocking, card + PIN, 3X badging