1035 series Surface Mount Magnetic Contacts with Wire Leads

Product Code: 1035W-N

The 1035 Series magnetic contacts save installation time through the use of a specially formulated 3M® adhesive tape. The tape, which establishes a permanent bond between the contact and the surface, can be repositioned in the first five minutes. A low profile and small footprint combine with reliable technology to make the 1035 Series contacts a good choice for applications where drilling holes is impractical.
  • Quick Tape Mounting, No Screws or Glue Needed
  • Urethane/Acrylic Tape Bonding Improves w/Age
  • Attractive, Low-profile Design
  • Ideal for Thin-frame Windows or on Sliding Glass Doors
  • Available Wider Gap Distance Helps Prevent False Alarms Caused by Loose-fitting Doors and Windows