TecomC4 Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to some of the more frequently asked questions from our users. Need more help, or have some questions that need answered that aren't below? Please reach out to our support teams who will assist.

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TecomC4 is a management software platform, giving end-users and site operators the ability to manage multiple systems from one interface. Operators are able to monitor and control safety and security of staff, manage visitors, and ensure the security of physical assets across multiple sites and remote locations. TecomC4 provides a single interface to manage your security needs across a single or multi-site, incorporating intrusion, access control, video surveillance and fire detection.

There is no cost for TecomC4 client licences.

Yes. Once you install TecomC4, you will have the opportunity to trial the software for 60 days. After that period, you will need to purchase a license for the devices. Please note licensing is only available on supported drivers (refer TecomC4 Portal for current list). Please also note that 60 day trial of drivers commences at date of software installation, not date of driver install.

TecomC4 is available to trained installers and can be purchased from Hills. Once you have spoken to your Hills representative for pricing, head to the online TecomC4 registration form to purchase the appropriate licences at www.aritech.com.au/tecomc4-site-registration. Note that you must be Challenger trained to purchase a Challenger10 or Challenger v8 driver license.

Licenses are managed via a MAC address on the computer the server is installed on (typically the main network card). Transferring a license to new hardware can be discussed with your local distributor or your Aritech sales representative.

We anticipate it will take no more than 48 business hours (2 days).

Yes, you will be able to register your license online at www.aritech.com.au/tecomc4-site-registration.

Yes, you will need to request a new license for any software upgrades. You can do this online at www.aritech.com.au/tecomc4-site-registration.

Tecom distributor, Hills, will provide a full range of support for the product and you are encouraged to make contact with your place of purchase. For more complex issues, there will be an escalation procedure to the Aritech Technical Support team. Installers must be trained on the product prior to installation and you must quote your training ID at the time of support. Your ID number will be issued by the training provider. For End-Users, please speak to your security installation company first.

A range of training programs are available via Hills. Please contact Hills or visit www.hills.com.au to view or register for an upcoming course. Installers must be trained and certified on the product prior to installation. TecomC4 training is also available online which gives installers the ability to complete the course 24/7, at a time that suits their individual schedules. Visit the training portal at aritech.com.au/training to self-register and begin training today. Note that you must be Challenger trained to purchase a Challenger10 or Challenger v8 driver license.

TecomC4 Software Maintenance is called SUSP (Software Upgrade and Support Plan). It is for a duration of 1 - 5 years, available in 1 year increments. A SUSP includes access to technical support and any software upgrades, patches and bug fixes that may become available for your licensed software during the active term of your maintenance agreement. For ongoing management of your site, it is recommended that you purchase a SUSP annually for the life of your system. You will not be able to upgrade to the latest TecomC4 versions without a support agreement in place.

Technical support will not be available for the customer and the site will no longer receive service pack updates. It is recommended that for the life of the software you maintain a SUSP plan.

You cannot upgrade your software without a support agreement. You will be required to purchase a SWUP (Software Upgrade Plan), see definition below. Your sales representative will offer a quote for a new software license.

A SWUP is a Software Upgrade Plan which gives customers the ability to upgrade to the latest version of software. A SWUP is a one-off activation and is only valid for the currently available version of software at time of purchase, including service packs for the purchased version. To ensure future upgrades it is recommended that a SUSP is also purchased for the site.

Each TecomC4 installation includes a warranty which is valid from the date the site is licensed, expiring 1 year after the initial license date. The TecomC4 warranty includes service packs and driver updates for licensed versions of software and also includes access to technical support. Please note that warranty DOES NOT provide access to major version upgrades. Free upgrades to new major versions are only available to customers on an active SUSP, or by purchasing a SWUP. The warranty period can be extended by purchasing an optional SUSP subscription.

TecomC4 is a new product therefore there is no migration path from existing Tecom software platforms, however TecomC4 imports programmed devices from the Challenger panel, whilst users are managed via the software. Programming changes are handled by configuration software, such as CTPlus.

Forcefield continues to be available and supported and Titan can be downloaded free of charge from the website. Security Commander is reaching its end-of-sale at 30 December 2020 which means that no new sales can be made after that date, however the product will continue to be supported.

CTPlus is a configuration tool, which is used to program your Challenger panel hardware. CTPlus complements the user management functionality offered in TecomC4, and provides a technician-friendly interface to streamline configuration tasks.

No, you do not have to register CTPlus. It is an installer’s configuration tool and is available online, at no cost.

No, there is no migration path or trade-in option. Depending on site requirements it will be the decision of the end-user which software is the most appropriate. We recommend that you speak with your local distributor or an Aritech representative for further discussion.

A full comparison matrix of all Tecom software is available on the Aritech website, highlighting the differences between TecomC4, Security Commander, Forcefield and Titan. TecomC4 is a “Unified Software platform” targeted specifically towards end-users, and is the only software platform which is hardware agnostic. It has over 100 products integrated, and communicates via a common SDK to multiple intrusion, access control, and video products which allows them to be presented in a consistent and uniform manner, regardless of the hardware. TecomC4 user interface is intuitive, powerful and operator friendly, requiring minimal training to use effectively. Both Security Commander and Forcefield have installation options, which are not available in TecomC4 however can be accessed using a separate configuration tool (TitanCT).

Yes, TecomC4 supports Challenger10 and ChallengerV8 panels.

Please refer to TecomC4 datasheet for minimum specifications. Your local distributor and/or Aritech representative will work with the integrator to determine specification of the required server.

Win 7, Win 8, Win10 and Win Server (2012 onwards).

No, not at this stage.

Yes, these are standard features and require no additional licensing.

Importing and exporting is a standard feature, and uses an industry-standard CSV file format.

TecomC4 has a fully developed Monitor for graphic maps that includes the following features:

  • Scalable map points (dynamically keeps points in the same place when map is resized)
  • Live points (inputs, doors etc have icons that will update with the panel)
  • Ability to add custom text, buttons, polygons, etc to perform a wide variety of actions
  • Detachable live event monitor, history viewer, and alarm handling
  • Bitmap Image: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp
  • AutoCAD Vector Image: dwfx

No, there is no icon designer currently available.


Users, door groups, alarm groups etc. changes are buffered until communications are enabled. Changes to device control commands (for example, arming an area) are only sent whilst a panel is actively connected, and will not be buffered. There is currently no practical method of clearing a buffer.


You can create shortcuts on the map only.

Yes, on the map.

Restrictions to software visibility and functionality is handled by persons permissions and roles.


Active Directory is the only option at this time for policy modules.


This is server dependant however the number of expected events per second will be approximately 100.

Yes, cards can be assigned to users by badging a card on any specified reader that is attached to a Challenger panel.

Yes, users can be created in bulk by importing via a csv file, and can be deleted in bulk by using standard modifier keys (such as ctrl and shift) to select multiple users.

Yes, TecomC4 has specific touch functionality that is automatically enabled when a touchscreen device is detected.

Yes, the function key F1 will open help files.

Please contact your sales representative for product, specification and time required to implement. The sales team will help with quote and time line for delivery.

Yes, by configuring regions and enabling Regions Presence under ‘Extensions’.

Yes, by configuring regions and muster regions it is possible to manage persons and report who is in specific regions.

Configuration of Challenger panels are handled via TitanCT, with user set up via TecomC4. Both systems will require system back ups.

Log files are generated for TecomC4, and can allow for any issues to be diagnosed. Assistance from Aritech Technical Support may be required.

Yes, this can be achieved across multiple panels.



This would be done via your recorder if enabled, not through TecomC4.

Multiple states are supported for events such as door open, isolated device, armed area etc, however these icons and colours are not customisable.