In the world of IoT, reliability makes the difference

Secure connectivity in no time, providing communication at any given time

Securely connected in no time

UltraSync connects everything that is happening between the installer, central monitoring station, push and mail services
management, and providers, as well as alarm handling and prevention.


Installation with ease

Installers are able to offer customers fast installation, optimal support with maximum security. The flexible programming features make it possible to support customers 24/7 from anywhere in the world.


24/7 Monitoring

UltraSync provides alarm delivery to any supported central monitoring station of your choice, via a secure connection. Every device is connected via a secure tunnel to the UltraSync server, which is hosted in a secure cloud environment.

Remote Management

Users can remotely manage their system with a smartphone or tablet. A push notification with video footage is received in case of an alarm. The system is always at your fingertips: anytime, anywhere.

Secure Connectivity

While the importance of secure connectivity over internet is widely understood and agreed upon, the reality is often different. UltraSync makes sure the connectivity is secure at all times.

10 Reasons to Choose UltraSync

Lets you easily and quickly install your security solution. UltraSync™ lets you easily and quickly establish connections for intelligent edge devices so that the connections are pre-configured before the technician arrives on site. Plug & Play experience without the need for in-depth knowledge of IP technology.

Ensures a Secure Connection. Secured encrypted connectivity with reported quality of service.

Supported by various Aritech connected platforms and solutions. One UltraSync™ Empowered solution, multiple compatible security platforms: ZeroWire, Reliance XR Pro and Tecom.

Enables a near real time data communication. High speed data transfer from one point in a network thanks to a high performing low-latency network.

Supported by a wide range of Central Monitoring Stations (CMS). Major CMSs throughout Australia are embracing UltraSync™ in their offerings.

Complies with data privacy requirements, such as GDPR. With UltraSync™, data remains in the local device and no sensitive data is stored in the cloud environment. This keeps the customer in control of their data

Managed through a powerful and intuitive web portal. This UltraSync™ web portal provides you with a user-friendly interface for provisioning, managing, and monitoring UltraSync™ supported devices and enabling services.

Provides remote connectivity and diagnostics. UltraSync™ offers security dealers and integrators the option to connect directly to the panels without the need to change customer router settings, firewall rules, or to use Domain Name Service (DNS) to access the systems remotely.

Provides you and your customers with a wide range of communication options and services: IP, cellular, etc. UltraSync™ is available in the different Service Grades, depending on the connectivity with UltraSync™; Ethernet cable, cellular connection or dual path connectivity with cellular.

Ensures that your customers can benefit from a flexible and professional service, offering them Peace of Mind.

Connected Control Rooms

The following monitoring centres are UltraSync connected and ready for you to securely monitor your security solution.
Contact one of the UltraSync control rooms today.

If you’re an integrator seeking access to UltraSync, please contact your preferred monitoring centre or Aritech product distributor for assistance.

UltraSync Australia

Dicker Data DAS 1800 688 586

Connected Monitoring Centres

A.R.M Security (08) 9427 4800
ADT Security 131 238
Advanced Security Group 1300 130 618
Allcare Monitoring 1300 552 276
Australian Bureau Monitoring 1300 811 844
Back2Base Monitoring 1300 137 079
Bens Monitoring 1300 130 515
Combined Monitoring (08) 9440 4999
Energize Australia 1300 365 368
Global Monitoring (02) 6626 6960
Golden Electronics (03) 6231 1003
Guardian Security Group (03) 9848 7999
Instant Security Systems (07) 3279 3279
Integrated Monitoring 1300 161 440
JD Security 1300 556 334
MA Services Group 1300 020 406
Mekina Technologies 1300 300 438
Monitoring Excellence 1300 847 328
Rechenberg Monitoring 1300 852 138
SA Security Monitoring (08) 8234 8899
Sapio 1300 303 017
Sectrol Security (03) 5329 0802
Securecorp (03) 8527 8888
Security1 136 000
Security Alarm Monitoring 1300 847 328
Security Control Room (03) 9331 0110
Securitas Monitoring 1300 656 660
SMC Monitoring 1300 791 355
Statewide Monitoring Services (07) 3848 1888
Ultimate Security 1300 850 591
WCG Group 1300 662 616
UltraSync New Zealand

Surveillance Technologies Ltd 0800 SURVEILLANCE / 09 448 2366

Connected Monitoring Centres

Alarmwatch +64 6 349 0999
Code9 0800 263 394
Monitor New Zealand 0800 867 666
Secom Guardall NZ +64 9 970 5330
Sure Communciation +64 9 443 8003

Training videos and interactive demos

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UltraSync is supported by the following connected platforms

A Tecom solution provides a unified security solution for today’s ever-evolving business environments. Scalable and flexible, Tecom combines intrusion, access control, video surveillance and more into a single, integrated interface. So, when security needs change, Tecom responds with a robust, reliable and intelligent solution. Designed to meet the security needs of the modern business world, Tecom’s modular design can scale from a single-office to multi-site environments, allowing for easy expansion of doors and alarm inputs.

Click here to learn more about the Tecom range

Reliance XRPro

The Reliance XRpro has been designed to be compatible with existing Reliance equipment which makes for ease of install when upgrading. It is NBN ready with built in IP communication. Extend the programming and interactive capabilities of Reliance series security systems with the UltraSync+ mobile application. The UltraSync+ app enables smart control of Reliance products in real time from any location using cloud-based technology.

With advanced features, industry leading functionality and user-friendly operation, the Reliance series of products delivers, cost effective security. Adaptable to a variety of applications from residential to commercial, the Reliance range offers end users an easy to manage system that can be expanded and customised with a range of accessories. Applications include residential, multi-storey, education, retail, government, aged care and warehousing.

Click here to learn more about XRPro

The smart home system that keeps you in touch and in control.

Available for both iOS and Android™ devices, the UltraSync mobile app extends the programming and interactive capabilities.