TecomC4 Site Registration and Licensing Options

Trained installers can download and license TecomC4 to manage and control their onsite security solution. 

Usage & Access Options

There are three options below for you to choose, depending on your current needs.

Please ensure you take note of the instructions below so that you are taken to the most appropriate form to register your TecomC4 site.

Please complete the appropriate form below and our customer service representatives will action your request as soon as possible.

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                           Request a TecomC4 license here                         

- Licences for new sites
- Licenses for test

Challenger customers can take advantage of one (1) free panel per site (initial panel only)


                   Request a quote for Support Agreement                    

- Existing sites only
- One-off software upgrade request

Support agreements (SUSP) can only be renewed between 1st October and 15th December each year.


Request a replacement license file or change of MAC address

- Existing sites only
- Major software release (SUSP customers)

Only use this form is your site is already licensed. For additional licences to your current site, please use the 'order' form.