Intruder Detection Solutions

Aritech provides a range of intruder detection solutions to suit almost any security requirement. With a range of commercial and enterprise solutions within the portfolio, the wide variety of solutions is just one of the reasons why Aritech is a great choice for your security needs.

The Tecom range of solutions and products offer integrated intrusion and access control functionality with particular emphasis on the needs and requirements for industries and commercial premises in Australia and New Zealand. 

The strength of a Tecom system is in its high level of expandability, based on a modular design principle that will grow as your business grows. Expansion is enhanced by backward compatibility of components, offering integration and expansion on every level of operation.

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ZeroWire acts as a single and convenient access point for your residential security needs. Fully wireless and easy to use, ZeroWire gives users the ability to control and automate home systems like HVAC, lights and locks. Users also benefit from 64 zones of intrusion detection, as well as four partitions to separately secure multiple areas of a property. With the ability to accept up to 40 users, ZeroWire has the flexibility to adapt to future securitiy and lifestyle management needs.

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