Latest Releases

Below is a list of product features, enhancements and resolved issues across the Tecom portfolio. 

September 2021
ChallengerPlus Firmware

Challenger10 Firmware
NAC Firmware

June 2021
Challenger10 Control Panel
Forcefield Management Software 
Titan 3.5.1 
May 2021
Network Access Controller TecomC4 Management Software TecomPlus Mobile app, version 2.04 ChallengerPlus version V10-07.55850 
4G Communication Module firmware update, V01-02.53906 
CTPlus Configuration Software TecomC4 Management Software - software version TecomC4 2020
November 2020
TecomC4 management software 2019 SP1
  • Custom image shape for maps now available in the Designer and Monitor
  • Wiegand 32 and Wiegand 27 card types added
  • Permissions improved for removing person from region
  • When IS connector is synchronising, other attempts to sync are now ignored. This improves performance and reliability
  • Event filter list can now be scrolled
Forcefield 8.0, build 37
October 2020
CTPlus Configuration Software, v2.4
March 2020
TecomPlus mobile app

ChallengerPlus / ChallengerLEPlus control panel
CTPlus installer software

TecomC4 management software

September 2019
ChallengerPlus control panel
Network Access Controller