WMS Pro Base Software, Standard Edition

Product Code: TS-WMSPRO-STD


WMS Pro is the latest software suite from Aritech, designed and developed in Australia, to provide a user-friendly and modern management interface for Tecom security and access control systems. 

WMS Pro has been designed using modern technologies and cyber security best practices, with customer and market feedback in mind, focusing on ease of use, increased efficiency, and functionality that directly benefits existing Tecom users, adding value to systems of all sizes and complexities - from a small, single-panel installation, through to large multi-national customers. Combined with an intuitive web-based user interface, end-users and site operators are empowered to easily manage and control their Tecom system, Cardholders, access rights, and more.

Tecom power-users can utilise advanced functionality in WMS Pro, with an improved status and control experience, robust permissions on operators and roles, customisable user-defined fields, and advanced views to seamlessly view access rights on individual devices without leaving the page.

Regardless of whether you’re an end-user or an installer, a small site or a large site, WMS Pro offers benefits across a wide variety of system requirements.

  • Discovery-ready - Supports the next generation of Tecom hardware. 
  • Alarm Management - Easily manage alarms on your system, with customisable options for both visual and auditory indicators. 
  • Dark Mode - An Operator display setting within WMS Pro which provides a darker display theme, compliant with modern-day Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. 
  • Widget Based Dashboard - WMS Pro features a widget-based dashboard, providing an overview of the health of your system and recent events. 
  • Wizards & Tools - WMS Pro streamlines tasks related to management of your system, giving you more time back in your day.
  • Control Connected Devices - Easily view and control devices directly from the WMS Pro web interface, both individually and in bulk, spanning across every controller.
  • Device and Software History Logs - Operators can audit and filter activity across the entire system, saving the results to PDF or Excel for record-keeping purposes or further analysis.
  • Flexible Access Rights - Easily manage access rights for employees, contractors, and visitors across your entire system, with advanced views to seamlessly view access rights on individual devices without leaving the page.
  • Card and Credential Management - Multiple credentials of varying formats can be assigned to each Cardholder, with versatile options and full transparency directly to the hardware.
  • CTPlus Integration - Hardware programming is streamlined with CTPlus connectivity directly to the WMS Pro database. This ensures programming is current and correct at all times, and allows changes to be saved and visible immediately in both software and hardware.
  • Cyber Secure - Complies with all the latest IT Industry best practices and cyber security requirements. Pen-testing and analysis performed using industry experts and tools that meet security standards ISO 26262, ISO/IEC TS 17961, OWASP Top 10, CWE Top 25, and more.