• TruVision Navigator 9.1 now available

TruVision Navigator 9.1 now available

Aritech are pleased to announce the launch of TruVision Navigator 9.1, the brand new version of our TruVision video management software now with the features that you were waiting for!
About the new 9.1 version: What more does it bring?
  • It comes with new features that add value to TruVision cameras, such as the People Counting (with the new reporting feature), the 360° and the ANPR cameras.
  • It includes added support for the new TruVision devices such as the newborn TVR 16 series of recorders, and the S7 IP cameras.
  • We added transcoding which reduces the bandwidth for video streams for supported recorders, ideal for streaming video in TruVision Navigator with a slow network.
  • We are fervent believers in security; that’s why TruVision Navigator now has password enhancements including two-way authentication.
  • Instant access to recorded videos, to save time and be even more reactive and for a quicker access to events
    Notification ‘spam’ control, to ensure a more comfortable use of your security system by getting the right information.
  • Expansion of the Event-Actions functionality to add more flexibility to take action, such as execute PTZ preset, capture snapshots, and assign cameras to monitor.


Due to its scalability, TruVision Navigator can be used for single sites or multi sites with central management and a low number of operators.

Ideal for medium sized commercial applications like retail stores and supermarkets, it can also be used for hospitals, banks, schools, warehouses and other industrial sites and offices.

Supported devices

TruVision Navigator 9.1 works with all TruVision recorders (except TVR 20, TVN40 and older legacy recorders), encoders, TVE-DEC12 decoders and IP cameras.

Sites using legacy recorders can continue to use TruVision Navigator 7.1, which is a 32 bit application and can still be downloaded from our website.

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