Electronic locking

For decades, Onity has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic locks. Through the years, we have expanded our services and solutions to become a leading provider of innovative facility technologies, from electronic locks and smart-card systems, to electronic in-room safes and energy management systems. Today, Onity is a globally recognised provider of reliable solutions and accessible support.

Electronic locks

Onity combines innovative technology and dependable service with over three decades of experience to provide advanced electronic locking solutions. With game-changing products and superior technology, Onity continues to finds solutions to meet the needs of our customers.
Onity offers real solutions and reliable support for the Hospitality, Vacation Rental, Corporate, Education, Government and Marine industries. Whatever your requirements, Onity has an electronic locking solution to fit your needs.

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Mobile access solutions

With a collaborative mindset backed by extensive mobile technology know-how, Onity provides a cost-effective, scalable approach to moving ahead in a changing landscape.

Onity's DirectKey system uses secure key credentialing and Bluetooth® technology to allow hotel guests to download their assigned key to their smartphone for easy access to their guest room and other access-controlled areas. 

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Electronic Safes

Designed with convenience and security in mind, Onity's electronic in-room safes are ideal for hospitality, corporate, and other commercial applications.

In a time when expectations of a more secure environment are increasing, items that used to be considered special amenities are now expected by hotel guests and property occupants. 
Onity electronic in-room safes are designed for hotel, business and residential applications with comfort, convenience and security in mind. Choose a safe that will easily accommodate a range of items -- from personal effects to laptop computers to larger items that need to be secured.

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Energy Management

Onity offers a rich line of energy-saving products with innovative designs and unsurpassed performance. Offered are the most technologically advanced energy management solutions, with models for every application.  Our products merge digital temperature control with setback strategies that adjusts the temperature to energy-efficient levels when a room is unoccupied. Onity products work with all types of HVAC configurations and light control. 

Onity offers real solutions and reliable support for the hospitality, corporate, education, government and marine markets. Whatever your requirements, Onity has an energy management solution to fit your needs.

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Setting the standard for facility management technology
Onity is a worldwide provider of innovative electronic locking systems, electronic safes, and energy management systems. We offer our customers industry-leading solutions, all backed by globally accessible customer service and suppport.

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