• Security Commander End-Of-Life

Security Commander End-Of-Life

As you may know from previous communications, we would like to remind you of the end-of-life for Security Commander.

At this time, we strongly recommend that customers review their current security requirements and take the opportunity to migrate to TecomC4, the latest advanced security solution. TecomC4 allows you to manage all your security and facility needs across multiple locations from a single interface.


Important milestone dates for Security Commander:

  • End-of-sale for base and professional license: 31 March 2020
  • End-of-sale for all other license options: 31 December 2020
  • End-of-life for all Security Commander SKUs: 31 December 2021


  • End-of-Sales Date: The first day the product is no longer available to order
  • End-of-Life Date: The first day the product is no longer supported by Aritech Australia

Following the end-of-life announcement, technical support and engineering will no longer be supporting this product. We strongly encourage you to upgrade to TecomC4 prior to this date to ensure the full support through the migration period. 

Why TecomC4?

TecomC4, the latest advanced security management solution from Aritech, is a flexible, open platform that allows you to control all of your security and facility needs - intrusion detection, access control and video surveillance - from the one interface.

TecomC4 is built on modern technology that gives end-users an open platform and flexibility to manage their entire operation from a single interface. Manage and control your site, whether on-site or remotely, all of your security needs ranging from intrusion detection to access control and video surveillance with TecomC4 management software. Know exactly who is in the building at any given time with integrated video surveillance and monitor your premises in real-time to deliver a safe, secure environment for staff and visitors.

  • Scalable to multiple sites, multiple systems, multiple users
  • Real-time client synchronisation and automatic saving of changes
  • Complete access in multi-site environments where people need access to one or more sites.

Visit the TecomC4 website to learn more.