• Security Commander End-Of-Life

Security Commander End-Of-Life

As you may know from previous communications, we would like to remind you of the end-of-life for Security Commander.

At this time, we strongly recommend that customers review their current security requirements and take the opportunity to migrate to WMS Pro, the next evolution of Tecom Management Software. WMS Pro allows you to manage all your security and facility needs across multiple locations from a single interface.


Important milestone dates for Security Commander:

  • End-of-sale for base and professional license: 31 March 2020
  • End-of-sale for all other license options: 31 December 2020
  • End-of-life for all Security Commander SKUs: 31 December 2021


  • End-of-Sales Date: The first day the product is no longer available to order
  • End-of-Life Date: The first day the product is no longer supported by Aritech Australia

Following the end-of-life announcement, technical support and engineering will no longer be supporting this product. We strongly encourage you to upgrade to WMS Pro to ensure full support through the migration period. 

Why WMS Pro?

Designed and developed in Australia, for Australian and global markets, WMS Pro is the next step in management software, providing a seamless and modern management solution for your security and access control system. 

WMS Pro provides a seamless, modern, and fully featured web-based management solution for your Tecom system, designed and developed in Australia to improve safety and increase efficiency, whilst adding value to any installation, whether you manage a single building or an enterprise solution consisting of multiple sites.

Managing Cardholders, access rights, alarms, events, devices, and more is easier than ever with new features and editions being rolled out over regular updates and releases. WMS Pro continues to build out new functionality and introduces several quality of life improvements and technical fixes.

  • Alarm Management - Easily manage alarms on your system, with customisable options for both visual and auditory indicators. Dark Mode - An Operator display setting within WMS Pro which provides a darker display theme, compliant with modern-day Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
  • Widget Based Dashboard - Easily customise your user interface to suit an individual clients needs, displaying only the information and data they require with a fully configurable and responsive dashboard.
  • Control Connected Devices - Advanced manual control of physical and digital devices across 100s of panels and sites.
  • Device and Software History Logs - WMS Pro’s advanced filtering allows for quick and easy identification of relevant information across the entire system. History logs can be viewed directly and exported to common formats.
  • Flexible Access Rights - You can assign rights per controller using existing alarm/door/floor groups right through to Unified Access Groups (UAGs) spanning multiple controllers/sites.
  • Card and Credential Management - Full management of card holders and their access rights across multipanel systems, intelligently merging users/cardholders across systems as well as integrated smart card programmer functionality.
  • CTPlus Integration - Tecom CTPlus connects directly to WMS Pro, sharing the same database and comm path. Changes are saved and visible in both WMS Pro and the hardware immediately. Current panel programming is loaded the moment you connect, with no need to manually retrieve, send, import or export between different CTPlus installations.
  • Cyber Secure - WMS Pro complies to all the latest IT Industry best practices and cyber security requirements, empowering users to leverage the very latest computer hardware and virtual environments.
  • REST API Integrations - Integrating external systems is easier than ever, with a bidirectional REST API along with full documentation available directly from WMS Pro.

Visit the WMS Pro website to learn more.

Product offerings include:

WMS Pro Standard Edition
WMS Pro Lite Edition