TruVision NVR22, 32 IP Channels

Product Code: TVN-2232P-4T

TruVision NVR 22P (TVN 22) is a robust high performance H.264/H.265 network video recorder. With a total bandwidth of 256 Mbps (16-channel) or 320Mbps (32- and 64 channel) available, the TVN 22P is able to connect up to 16/32/64 IP cameras and provide real time recording (25/30 fps) at Full HD 1080p resolution on all channels simultaneously. With its fully flexible bandwidth allocation, the TVN 22P allows recording resolutions up to 8MPX at various frame rates.


The TVN 22P is supporting both H.264 and H.265 compression techniques. The H.265 compression is the next evolution of video encoding. Using H.265 will result in a reduced file size for the same video content and a reduced transmission bandwidth compared to H.264. This means that for the same storage capacity more video can be stored when using H.265 than H.264 encoding. To use the H.265 encoding in the TVN 22, TruVision H.265 cameras need to be used. 

Ease of use TVN 22P was designed to make system configuration and overall use easier for both the installer and end-users through features such as: ezDDNS, start-up wizards, plug & play hard drives, auto discovery of natively supported cameras and is fully compatible with TruVision Navigator (as of 6.0SP1) and TVRmobile.
  • Linux embedded Plug and Play configuration
  • Up to 320 Mbps camera recording bandwidth
  • Up to 32 IP channels
  • Up to 64TB embedded storage (8x 8TB)
  • RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 support (depending on the number of HDDs used)
  • Flip-open front panel for easy HDD access, servicing and expansion
  • New icon based front panel
  • Real time Full HD recording
  • Motion detection, VCA, privacy masking, tamper detection
  • TruVision IP camera auto-discovery
  • Third party camera support via ONVIF and PSIA
  • IP camera configuration import/export
  • Custom protocol configuration (RTSP streaming)
  • Network redundancy
  • Integration of UTC IP intrusion panels via SIA/XSIA reporting
  • Recorder failover functionality (one failover unit per 4 operational recorders)
  • TVK-800 IP Keypad support (no support for local display of H.265 cameras)
  • USB DVD burner support
  • Full browser-, OSD- and software-based access for live, recorded & configuration
  • TVRmobile app for iOS and Android
  • TruVision Navigator license-free client/host or standalone application

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